3rd and 10

Many thanks to my good friend from college for finally making be understand the nuances of 3rd and 10.

Not that I watch football (often), because I rarely do – mostly, I just don’t. It has nothing to do with being clear on the way to advance through the game and score.

Not even a little bit.

Maybe it is because of the crunching. The way they throw each other at the opponents. The smashing and crashing of helmets and shoulder pads.


I can understand the need to run out of bounds.

No judgement, we should all have the freedom to do that. Right?

We might also need a time out. Time to take a breath to regroup, talk to the coach and figure out the next move.

Maybe, to evade (and fight back against) the growth of the competitor down the street. Perhaps to figure out how to survive a detour that might shut down traffic for months at a time – right in front of your business.

Maybe, we watch to know that we are not alone in fighting to win. We are looking for inspiration.

But, we aren’t being judged. Not like the players anyway.

Luckily for most, there aren’t people you don’t know, watching you; waiting to see how you performed, 3rd and 10…in the 4th quarter, at the end of a tough season. Be thankful (maybe) that it isn’t and you dodging some 250 pound guy running at you. Twist, turn and take a time out if needed. Then, be sure to ask your mentor for guidance on what to do next. Anyone watching will understand – especially football fans – but also, people like me.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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