3rd Time

The 3rd time is right, if it works for you.

In some houses, football – or any other sport – doesn’t get much play. Maybe once a year, during a special end of the season playoff, countdown to the big winner – elimination after elimination leading to one winner.

Unless it’s a tie.

That is the worst.

For both teams.

Or, worse – co-Silver Medal Olympian Champions.

In other homes, screens get console game pixels or prime-time television.

It is meant to be what is best for you. No requirements. No prerequisites.

Use it for what you want.

Of course, in others…it’s meant for movies – lots of movies.

Some watched, over and over again. You know, the 3rd time you see Ocean’s Eleven, you might finally think you figured it out. But, then. Nope…you didn’t. (Watch it again I’d say. Maybe the 4th time is the charm.) Maybe it takes 4 tries to win. Rewind it if you need to…no one else is watching you – and isn’t that a relief.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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