You’re Young, You’ve Got Time

Probably the best line of the Gilmore Girls revival so far is “You’re young, you’ve got time.

There is always time, no matter how old or young you are to decide what is next in your life. 

  • Go back to college.
  • Get your masters degree. 
  • Take an online course.
  • Sit in on a mastermind class.
  • Join a networking group and build new business. 
  • Start your own company.
  • Buy a franchise.
  • Borrow just the right amount from your retirement plan.
  • Retire early and do what you really want.
  • Have a baby / adopt a child…
  • Get married.
  • Renovate your house.
  • Change your job and work where you want.
  • Move on to the next big thing.

No matter what age you are, you’re young, you’ve got time. It’s good advice, I agree. It never too late to start. Again. Or over. Whatever is necessary.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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