Your “go to” solution for “anything” that ails you

What is your go to solution for anything that ails you?

I know this one may sound weird, but everyone has something, right?  Let’s keep it simple and say that you have a cold. Maybe its a seasonal allergy that turns into a cold. What helps you get through it?

  • Visit to your Doctor and an Rx?
  • An over the counter cold remedy?
  • More simple, vitamin C?
  • Home remedy – inhaling saline solution or neti pot?
  • Essential oils?
  • Magnets?
  • Chiropractor?
  • Acupuncturist?
  • Chicken Soup?
  • Sleeping until you feel better?
  • Having your family take care of you and doing all the things you normally do?
  • Something else entirely different from these options?

Whatever it is you choose, there is a reason you choose that path. Maybe you used to do something different and it stopped working for you, maybe you heard news on something that works better…

Whatever you do, it works for you. Share why it works. Maybe someone doesn’t like what they do and they need a new “go to” solution for the very simplest thing that ails them.

And, if it isn’t working for you anymore… then ask someone else. Maybe they have a better thing for you to go to… and do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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