Old School vs. New School

Which is it? Old School or New School?

Phone call or text? (Heck, e-mail vs. text maybe even more appropriate.)

Cash vs. credit card?

Face-to-face meeting vs. webinar / video conference?

Market vs. home grocery delivery?

Ordering out vs. home made, from scratch dinner?

Everything keeps changing, what can you do – in a better way – using new methods and new technology… aka New School?

I am happy that the typewriter was replaced by the word processor / computer and printer, the fax by e-mail and sometimes, sending a text vs. a phone call.

But, I miss made from scratch dinner…

While face-to-face meetings are sometimes overrated, they do become valuable when the communication process between you and the client has not quite become seamless yet. Do not leave it up to interpretation.

Go there. Be there. Look them in the eye and watch the way they talk (I am a hands talker for sure!)

Somethings are better Old School.

It just is the way it is… at least for today.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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