Your Choice

Luckily, as Americans we have so many options before us. It is literally, your choice as to what you do each day: how you look; what you wear; the job you perform and even where you bank; just to name a few things within your control.

There are rules, of course, and social norms which may prevent you from doing every little thing you want to do…and there are things that are outside of your control. I’m sorry, but it is true.

  • Like, you have to go to school if you are (generally) between the ages of 5 and 18.
  • You are kind of stuck with how you look based on your genetic background unless you work really hard or pay a lot of money to change that.
  • Clothes are pretty much mandatory in public but you can wear what you want, you may just suffer the consequences of society’s judgement.
  • You may not have skills to do other jobs that you would prefer or you may not be able to commute or live near the position/company that you want instead. You could (in many cases) change this – again with effort and/or money – and if you have the willpower, the stamina or the brain power to learn what you don’t know how to do already. Then, you have to earn the right to do the job…or prove that you can do it (better than someone else.)
  • In terms of banks you could choose, there are at least (and I think I am being rather conservative) 7 local options if you are in an urban or suburban area. There are probably even more than ten brands, local to you.

So, why oh why would your choice of a bank be one that has policies that contradict your beliefs of the service you should receive? There are rules of course, I already mentioned this, but go past that and think about the things that you believe you should get as a customer. Then, find the right bank, the best financial institution before you share your funds, your trust and your capacity to use the money you have earned. It doesn’t matter how nice the people are, or whether or not they know your name…I am sorry, but it doesn’t make up for the other (far more important) things.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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