Order Up

Order up a new little tech device from Best Buy and get an e-mail to confirm your order. Another to confirm your shipment and yet another to let you know it is available in store. One final one lets you know, just in case it wasn’t you, that the order was picked up.

You can even ask for a text instead. Or ask for both, just to make sure you don’t miss the important message.

Of course, the term is really meant for short order cooks. It is just the coolest little phrase to let their staff know to pick it up and get it to the customer’s table right now. Go ahead and say it. See what happens. It will be fun. Your kids might even get a kick out of it. (Or, not.)

So, you got the messages. You went to the store. You picked up your item. All good, right?


How about we just throw in a little system glitch that sends out all of the e-mails again – and the text messages, too.

What this does is essentially order up a lot more work for the staff at the front desk and the customer service team with confused or greedy phone calls from customers. Did people really think that their order for a laptop, phone, tablet, printer, video game console, hover board, or home sound system was going to be duplicated and they would get another one for free? Um. Apparently some did…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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