You May Remember

Of course, you may remember being a child – or at least younger than you are now – and things were different.

My generation teases about things that were common place in our day and age…

  • a complete and utter lack of emphasis on seat belts – or car seats for babies or toddlers for that matter
  • being able to stay out until the street lights came on
  • independence all day long during summer vacation and being completely free of your parents
  • Twinkies as part of your lunch (not mine, but most other kids)
  • Hawaiian Punch or Hi-C as a staple beverage

Yet, we survived…

Even worse, there was no such thing as cable television, the Internet or cell phones. No one knew anything until it hit the papers a day later.

It was blissful, actually.

Except for those things that weren’t.

No one wants to be the one remind people that it was better, but it was worse at the same time.

You may remember it the way you want, but that doesn’t mean it was perfect. Life goes on, things evolve, improvements are made, people live longer and longer with the innovation of science. We may wax on nostalgic about what once was, but I wouldn’t want to go back – and nor should we tell our kids that it was better “back then” – not even that it was better 10 years ago…They have little to no context and you can’t tell them that it was something – because they didn’t experience it for themselves. They won’t believe you…so just let them remember their life the way they want. (Your grand kids, now they are a completely different story.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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