Remember to Pay Attention

It’s so easy to find a simple distraction today that we actually have to remember to pay attention to what is going on around us.

Not just driving and staying off your phone – it is more than that.

  • Waiting for a friend to arrive at the coffee shop
  • Walking down the street
  • Shopping in the grocery store
  • Sitting in the airport
  • Waiting for the ceremony to start
  • Standing in an elevator
  • Listening to the kids chat (as if you can’t hear them from the front seat or the other room)
  • Waiting for the train
  • Oh, and in a long, drawn out, 6+ person conference call when you haven’t had nearly enough coffee…

There is beauty in the world around you – make sure you see it.

Remember to pay attention and you will see things, hear things, learn things and enjoy things that will change your outlook – usually for the better. Life moves fast. We never have nearly enough time, but watching my youngest actually, literally, stop to smell the roses was a wake up call.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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