You Look Familiar

People all over the world could (at any time) come up to you and say you look familiar…or, you could say it to them in turn.

It is possible that they are familiar as there are a lot of physical attributes – besides hair styles, eye and skin color – glasses, clothes and mannerisms that can make them look like some one – maybe a million someones.

I am not surprised when I think this about people; even less so when I think about brands that emulate another.

Remember, if you are a fan, when Kirk creates his Oober ride service on Gilmore Girls? It was funny, he kept telling Loralei that it wasn’t Uber, but Oooooooober, with an O. We all knew what he was doing, as did she.

Or, maybe you know an ice cream or coffee shoppe who uses the name coffee coolatta on their menu? We found one the other day, we didn’t order it, but I am sure many do.

In neither case, do they own that name, let alone a trademark that would allow them to use it in marketing their products. In many cases, it doesn’t stop “wanna be” business owners from trying hard to attract attention and offer customers things that seem very familiar and comfortable.

Helping customers think they “know” what they’re getting.

Mom’s meatloaf on a menu might not get legal violation attention, but it will work to get people to order it – hoping to find a reminder of their childhood and home – of mom.

It works over and over again.

It is also why people select uniforms for their staff to wear, so that customers will think hey, you look familiar and trust them, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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