You Get What You Pay For

Ok, now that I wrote that, I think a friend of mine will be upset that the title, you get what you pay for, ends in a preposition…but sadly, it is not just poor grammar – it is also true.

Buy One Get One free. 

As a customer, this falls out of the category of “free”.


Well, for starters…You had to pay for the first one. The company had to “pay”, too. Perhaps the volume of sales offsets the margin loss. In the end, high volume sales can generate more margin dollars than regular margin dollars…especially when you grab sales from your competitors.

However, if the entire product (or service) purchase – or lack of purchase – is exchanged without compensation on one party, well, then, they can do whatever they want. 

Don’t try to tell them otherwise. 

You can’t win. 

Your preferences don’t matter. You get what you pay for…and not paying anything means you only get what someone is willing to give.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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