In the Moment

Have you ever bought something, because, in the moment, you thought it was a great idea? Sure, we all have.

Whether it is a BOGO deal, a  2 for $$ or the end cap impulse item, it just had to be bought.

Hopefully, you don’t have buyer’s remorse. Kind of like you do with vacation purchases; those  holiday souvenirs, the gift shop at the end of the ride (or at the exit of the castle in Blarney.) Did we really need a hat that said Ireland in the middle of summer? (Well, ok Pop, I know you live where it is 120 degrees and it was admittedly chillier than that. You will at least wear it again!)

Now, we get to Summer Stock, where we “must have” this summer’s play on a hoodie and sweatpants – because, yes, they keep the theater super chilled anticipating 400 patrons – while it is, indeed, hot under the lights, unless you are center stage all day, you are cold.

You just know that you are buying into the idea of supporting the troupe, the kids who are trying to make their break – or just learning how to stand out and be in the center of the stage. It is a skill, a life skill I am very grateful she enjoys.

In any event, upon hearing all about the pants and the hoodies and the beach towels… she said “Oh, so now we are merchandising?”

Ok, maybe she is a little too young to be sarcastic – but maybe not. She’s been trained at that art since a very young age. It is improving. They do say, “practice, practice, practice…” if you want to get to Carnegie Hall (or somewhere in business). So, she is doing just that.

In the moment right before she said that, I was wondering what we would be buying this summer. Now, maybe I am thinking nothing. Unless, of course, she really (really) wants it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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