You Can Handle It

If you are like me, (and most people I know) there is a lot on your plate, pretty much at all times, but you can handle it.

And then some.

At least sometimes.

There are definitely times in your life when you need to cry uncle, step back, take a break.

  • Decide to say no.
  • Don’t take on anything new.
  • Be ready to pause.
  • Stop to care for you.

There are other times when you really, truly need assistance.

  • When you feel that way, ask for help.
  • Send up an SOS signal.
  • Call a friend.
  • Text someone.

Your friends, family and even your colleagues or co-workers will be there for you – just like you would be/have been there for them.

I know you can handle it, but you don’t have to go it alone. No one does. (No one should have to anyway.) Be that person who is there for others, and you will always have someone who has your back.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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