Fastest Option

If you need the fastest option, you may have to make concessions.

  • Lower quality.
  • Different product.
  • Higher price.

For example, dinner. You need it in a hurry. You are hungry and it has been raining all day AND, you are more tired than usual – but you don’t want to do a drive through – so, there are limited options. Pizza takes too long. The slow cooking, comfort food restaurant is short staffed and takes even longer than usual.

Let me think.

Something that can be tossed together quickly (salad) or pasta might work. Shame that it only satisfies one or two of the family and you are just not up for that drama tonight.

Shopping-then-cooking takes too long. Sorting through the pantry seeking some sort of inspiration will probably disappoint.

Every day, we make decisions that affect our readiness for tomorrow. Try to make these to avoid the concessions, accepting less quality, things you would normally try to avoid, and paying far less than you must for on-demand dinner.

The fastest option would have been to plan ahead and put something in the crock pot earlier in the day, but you didn’t have that forethought (or the ingredients for that matter…which also is planning ahead, aka forethought.) Maybe tomorrow will work out better; at least we are thinking of that today.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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