Non Selling Sales Pitch

I am usually going to stay in my lane with marketing, food, parenting or something else I know about – you know, like engineering – LOL, but when someone is using a non selling sales pitch to get the point across, they are probably:

  • winning at their goals
  • converting more leads to deals
  • part actor or part performer (at heart)
  • able to convince a large group
  • really good at sales
  • (again) winning

In my book, the non selling sales pitch is the best one. They don’t even know what hit them. They just say yes and then, four years later they have spent about $280,000 and they are happy as can be with the investment. Best decision ever to hire that woman. Kudos to you…I thoroughly enjoyed that pitch deck. (Shame that I am not the one making the decision.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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