You Can Go Back

It is normal and reasonable to think that you can go back…even if it doesn’t work out the way you thought that it would. You have to set the right expectations – and if you handle it the right way (respecting yourself and those around you,) you can go:

  • Back home
  • Back to your home town
  • Back to your high school reunion
  • Back to a memorable restaurant for another special occasion
  • Back to Disney
  • Back to the size you were before having kids (or maybe not…)
  • Back to the arms of a old friend
  • Back to visit the same house – just to be sure it isn’t a right fit, unless it is!
  • Back to the one you love
  • Back to get one more good-bye kiss in before the plane takes off
  • Back to the place you said good-bye 25 years ago, only to say hello

You can go back, but you don’t have to go back to the way you were back then.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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