That Would Be Dangerous

You know when something is not right for someone, you have to tell them that would be dangerous. You also have to STOP them from doing something that will cause them harm.

Not might.


As in, definitely going to happen.

What was it you ask… Well. Let me tell you a fun story we heard tonight.

Apparently, 20+ years ago, one of my very best friends negotiated a really, really, really awesome price for a Mustang.

A Ford Mustang…with a V6, not a V8, that was $2,000 more – and even MORE dangerous.

She – back then – was a speed demon. She still (kinda) is.

She has gotten more in control, drives slower, more carefully.

Having a family does that to you. Even today, for her – I think her husband, and her friends would look at her, looking at buying a sports car and say, yea – that would be dangerous. Not to mention their newest driver in the house. A 16 year old boy. I’d say that would be bad news all around…fun, but bad.

~ Love to you Mama Lisa, Dawn aka Hat Girl

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