Wonderful World of Magic

Today, we celebrated the wonderful world of magic and Harry Potter’s birthday.

Last year, I knew how old he was, (I think 30 – that is off the top of my head – I know that I have the entire world wide web and the internet at my finger tips, but I am going with that guess.)

This year, I just thought why do I know that it is Harry Potter’s birthday?

Don’t get me wrong, it is a fun celebration. Who could not have fun? I mean…

  • The food.
  • The Quidditch.
  • The cos-play.
  • The wands.
  • The crafts that look magical indeed.
  • The decor.
  • The people, the people of all ages who engage in cos-play.
  • The licensed attire, showing some level of support of the characters, but not actual costumes.

There is an amazing history that JK Rowling has created; indeed it is so much more than a wonderful world of magic. She and her ideas have inspired so many people to embrace the ideals in her books. From friendship, to being clever, to being mischievous, and beyond – emotional, inspirational, scary… So creative and comprehensive. How many other literary creations would have people all over the world celebrating Harry Potter’s (38th – I caved and Googled it) birthday today? He doesn’t even have to be their favorite character; they know it anyway.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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