When We Travel

We can really learn when we travel beyond our home, beyond our roots and outside of our comfort zone.

Being around others, other cultures, other societal norms…

Summer is a great time to get out there. To see the countryside, meet others with whom you share a nation – or the world. Go on holiday, go on vacation and take a break…but learn while you are able to relax and open your eyes to new concepts. Even if you can’t leave the United States, you can learn so much from driving, flying, taking a train or a bus to other states, other counties, other cities.

There are sights to see, people to meet, food to try, art to gaze upon and music to enjoy.

Before the summer ends, make the most of a day, a weekend or even, an entire weeklong getaway…

When we travel, we are out of our normal routine, our community, our neighborhood habits and it is a bigger opportunity than we realize…Don’t delay it any longer. Now, you just have to decide one thing…where will you go?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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