Wish You Could Stay

People, all the time – but especially this last week of summer before Labor Day – think in their heads, I wish you could stay

  • little, a little while longer.
  • home, to be with us.
  • in our lives, forever.
  • for the weekend, not just a couple hours.
  • outside, in front of the glow of the fire.
  • in bed longer, sleeping in like we did all summer.
  • adorable and cute versus the angsty and sarcastic tween who has evolved.
  • on the beach, lingering by the waves.
  • at the park, listening to great music.
  • at that new cafe, with the comfy outdoor seats and sun umbrellas.
  • on vacation, far from work and school.
  • all together, family and friends.

Holidays and summers and Friday nights before a long weekend are made for dreaming and lingering right where you are, in this moment. No stress. No worries. No place to be in a hurry.

We of course, wish you could stay, but we know you have bigger dreams and places to go, more to learn…becoming who you are, who you want to be. So, we let you go, seeing you, being proud of you and hoping that we can still be a part of your new world.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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