Wish Summer Was Longer

As we round into the long Labor Day weekend, I certainly wish summer was longer.

  • More beautiful sunsets.
  • More lush and bright colored flowers.
  • More late nights out by the fire pit.
  • More fireflies.
  • More long weekends, starting with a short Friday and a late start to Monday.
  • More holidays and gatherings with family and friends, totally casual and outdoors in the sun.
  • More days at the beach, even when it means sand in our toes (and everywhere else in the house.)
  • More nights without homework due, or lunches that need to be packed.
  • More dinners made on the grill.
  • More evening serenades by the crickets and cicadas.
  • More shorts and t-shirt weather, flip flops and pony tails.

I know that a wish summer was longer would mean the rest of the year would be more insane and crazy, but, even a couple more weeks would be nice – as long as – and this is the caveat, the weather would match the season. Luckily for us, even though the last big hurrah of summer is here, we still have a couple dozen more days left to enjoy…and then some.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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