Again! Again!

It’s still summer. Kids can be heard, chanting: Again! Again! No matter what it is…if it is fun, scary, exhilarating, funny or goofy:

  • dad throwing you up in the air, but always catching you!
  • jumping off the diving board.
  • carnival rides – starting with the giant slide, then The Scrambler, until graduating to the roller coaster.
  • throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in your mouth.
  • going to the movies, especially the drive-in!
  • eating out at the pizza shop, Friday and Saturday (pizza one day, pasta the next. Oh, who are we kidding, pizza both days!)
  • family members pretending to steal your thumb.
  • magic tricks – especially making a dollar coin pop out of your ear.
  • pushing you on the swing, higher and higher and higher.
  • telling knock-knock jokes that make you giggle every time.
  • guess what? (Chicken butt!)
  • the bedtime stories, the one with the cow, who couldn’t possibly be his mother and the steam shovel who has a best friend named Mike.
  • belly raspberries.
  • cannonballs and jack-knife splashes in the pool.
  • the story of the crazy cat, Niagara Falls and other adventures.

All of this and more, especially the end of summer parade, followed by the rides at the field, (known to most as a carnival.)

A family tradition. Every summer. Labor Day weekend.

Creating new memories and reliving old ones. Again! Again! Let’s make sure we keep bringing new kids to share the experience. It never gets old. Ever.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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