Wish You Could Go Back

When this time of year rolls around, and school starts up before Labor Day, do you wish you could go back?

To school I mean. Every day. 6:34AM bus. Out by 2:15PM. Working at the deli, gas station, retail store or fast food joint for minimum wage (and not $15 per hour, either.)

Or, do you just remember the best days?

  • The football/gymnastics/lacrosse/field hockey wins at home or away. Homecoming!
  • The debate team/cheer leading squad/drama auditions and try-outs. Making the cut.
  • Acing all the tests, being first in the class, or just getting your first A on an essay for literature after being average in all of the grammar based language arts classes. Life-to-date.
  • Getting the best locker location, close to classes, easy to open. Near your friends.
  • Tator tots for lunch and those giant cookies that were sort of not really fully baked. No counting calories.
  • Study hall. Finishing homework just in time.
  • The boyfriends, the girlfriends…the best friends you knew all your life.
  • Your first car and passing your driver’s test. Getting a prime parking spot senior year.

That is what you want. Right?

That and being nimble, energetic and able to wear whatever you want, staying up late, sleeping in. No mortgage. No stress (at least not the crazy, keep you up at night kind.) No worries.

Sitting here, today, do you really wish you could go back, or would it just be for the best of the best moments? I mean, sure, those were great days, but…nope. I will allow them the chance to live that life. And, I will be here to pick up the pieces when it isn’t completely, 100% perfect, every day from now until June. And beyond.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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