Wish Them Safe Travels

We always want our friends and family to come back again (at least I hope that is the case.) So, as they leave, we wish them safe travels and a speedy return. Hugs, kisses and a final wave good-bye.

It isn’t easy.

But parents, grandparents and others close to us are not the only ones.

Probably…the hotel owner wants the same. As does the beach/mountain/lake/shore house where you rented and took good care of the place.

So does the amusement park, the museum, the roadside attraction, the retail shops along the tourist-focused town on main street.

They rely on you for different reasons, but still important currency, though perhaps, in some views, far less important than those we hold dear to our hearts.

Attention. Connection. Participation. Love. Camaraderie. Friendship.

To those who are going on their next adventure:

  • college
  • their first stop on their new career path
  • taking one more quick trip before their school starts (in proper form after Labor Day!)

All we can do is wish them safe travels while looking forward to hearing all of the new things in their life, not just via text, Face-time, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and e-mail – but sooner, than later – up close and personal, back where they belong.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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