Why Is Everyone Rushing

I know that it is just 3 days before Christmas…but it is happening on Sunday this year. That means we have “extra time” no work, no school, no place to be. Why is everyone rushing for it to be here. Let’s just enjoy it a few more weeks…

Just like summer. I never – ever – want that to end. Even when it is 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity…let’s just let it be here a little bit longer before it is just 19 degrees.


Ok. Good.

I had the most wonderful woman helping me at the check out counter today, she was taking care with fragile items and it was definitely appreciated. I saw three people jump lines – not mine but others…I do realize that it is the holiday and time is limited.


Think about this – why is everyone rushing someone else to do a job faster – when I am pretty sure that they don’t like being pressured at theirs.  Push yourself, that is ok, but if you don’t need it “yesterday”, then let them do it at their own pace.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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