Creative Conversation

On behalf of teenagers and college students everywhere, I am challenging you to start a creative conversation with them – as if you really care what they think – over the holidays.

It’s the Trifecta of Holidays this year with Hanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa happening within 3 days – overlapping in more ways than one through the end of the year.

This is the year to decide to get out of the box and ask more than…the equivalent of “how’s the weather” to any adult you come across on any given day of the week.

  • More than – where are you going to college?
  • More than – what is your major?
  • More than – what are you going to do when you graduate?
  • More than – what is your favorite course/class?
  • More than – when will you get a job?
  • More than – where are you working now?
  • More than – how are your grades?
  • More than – when will you get your license?
  • More than – how old are you now?
  • More than – when are you going to get a real hair cut?
  • More than – didn’t you used to…?

We owe it to our kids, nieces/nephews, friends’ children, neighbors, cousins, (and yes, I’m talking to you too, the elders,) your grandchildren to have a more meaningful and creative conversation with the soon-to-be/already are adults in our lives. They will thank you and you will feel so happy that you were able to take the pressure off of the holidays for them.

~ Happy, Happy, from Dawn aka Hat Girl

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