Who Taught You…

On Father’s Day, the answer to the question should be obvious. Who taught you…

  • How to drive?
  • How to tie a tie?
  • How to iron a dress shirt?
  • How to hyper-mile?
  • How to install a window air conditioner and not allow it to fall out of the window?
  • How to light the grill?
  • How to make popcorn?
  • How to fill the gas tank?
  • How to fold the money in your wallet?
  • How to answer the phone with respect?
  • How to savor potato chips?
  • How to enjoy a drive in movie?
  • How to parallel park?
  • How to start a manual transmission on a hill?
  • How to change the oil in your car?
  • How to speak up for yourself in public and ask for what you want?
  • How to tie your shoes?
  • How to make scrambled eggs?
  • How to enjoy Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello and Peanuts cartoons?
  • How to snack with peanut butter and crackers while waiting for mom to come home from work?
  • How to NOT make a cup of coffee? (Black. No sugar, no cream…no thanks – sorry dad.)
  • How to recognize music and enjoy good old rock and roll?
  • How to toss a pizza without breaking the dough with your fist?
  • How to make a huge splash? (Figure 4 or Jack Knife vs. a cannon ball.)
  • How to hammer a nail?
  • How to solder a copper pipe, (and not burn yourself on the solder…)?
  • How to organize a tool box?
  • How to work with customers?
  • How to recognize a good customer from a bad one?
  • How to say thank you, offering a firm handshake?
  • How to be just like your ancestors…but with all of the modern conveniences of today?

Who taught you at least half of the practical things you know how to do by the time you are 20? Not book learning, not math, not proper grammar, and English commas. Your parents, and hopefully, your dad was a huge part of that. Thanks to dads everywhere who make sure that their kids are functioning members of society – knowing how to be adults – even if they don’t practice what they were taught.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl (Daughter of her Dad)

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