Hey, Is That The Same Car?

When cars get old enough, antique enough, they stand out. The other day, we saw an orange VW Beetle in a parking lot. Today, walking through town, we saw another one and thought, hey, is that the same car?

I mean. Really.

How many 1966 bright orange Volkswagen Beetles are around our area?

1, 2 – can’t be more than that in our area – can there be more than three?

They stand out. They are bright. They are roundish. They are shiny. They are loud…and they are temperamental.

We nearly bought a vintage baby blue bug for our daughter when she was first driving…the same car my Great-Grandmother had in Florida, until, I am pretty sure they sold it when she kept losing it.

The car I mean.

Well, wouldn’t I give anything to have that car now. Well, not anything, but a lot.

Not as much as I would give to have my Great-Ma back though. She was one in a million…and without her, and a bunch of other really cool, elders in my family, I wouldn’t be here today.

If she was here though, I’d bet that the baby blue VW parked next to the orange one would have made her look in her pocket (she always wore pants) for her keys. She too might be thinking, “hey, is that the same car”, the one that I used to drive? If not, where is it…I am sure I parked it around here somewhere.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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