Only Blame Yourself

You can only blame yourself if you didn’t clearly explain the situation to them.

  • Teach them what you know.
  • Teach them what they need to know.
  • Tell them why it is so important.

Whether you are a parent, who is frustrated by your children’s lack of capability (or interest) to do things like:

  • change a tire;
  • make a meal including planning it out, shopping for it and executing it (bonus if they do it without burning anything and having every thing done at the same time, but not necessary);
  • make their bed;
  • volunteer for responsibilities and joining things.

Or, whether you are a retailer, who is frustrated by your customer’s lack of awareness of:

  • the new products you have for sale;
  • the new services you offer;
  • the cafe you opened down the street, but secretly, because you know a lot of people in town are jealous of your success and you don’t want the people who don’t like you to stay away from it.

Or, whether you are the manager of a team who is frustrated by the team’s lack of commitment to the project:

  • they don’t know the company’s investment in this for the last 3 years;
  • they don’t know that everyone will get a bonus and a raise if it works out successfully;
  • they don’t know that if you don’t launch this now, your competitor will and they will have the upper hand, including a majority of market share as first to launch.

If you don’t communicate what you know to be true, want to be known and understand to be ultimately valuable, then only blame yourself for the frustration you feel. It isn’t their fault.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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