Who Knew It Would Be So Long

Way back when…who knew it would be so long…

  • Until we would meet again?
  • Before we would paint that bedroom?
  • That we would live in this house (20 years)?!?
  • To develop a family?
  • Until we would have a totally different perspective of college?
  • …it isn’t long, it was just yesterday!

Of all the things we didn’t think could happen, what is the most astonishing in your life?

  • The people you knew better than yourself but haven’t seen in ages;
  • The rooms that didn’t look quite so awful until someone moved out;
  • The first house that might very well be your last;
  • The children who were babies just yesterday, but are nearly all grown up;
  • The fact that college was just another life that we lived and haven’t forgotten;
  • That we would believe it was only yesterday.

Who knew it would be so long that we wouldn’t even ask these questions of ourselves. It would only be a moment, a day, a month, a year, five years – not a couple of decades. Now it is a lifetime with still more life to live, and seemingly full so far – thank goodness for that…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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