Which Way To Go

When you are not sure what is right, which way to go is a debate you may have with yourself and those around you.

Go this way or that? What do you know about the direction you are headed?

Left, may take you someplace, while right may take you to another. Is either the correct choice?

Not being able to see the path ahead with clarity, or an overview with the road mapped out, may make you pause.

You have to make a decision though, because you can’t go back. That would not be the answer…even though you know what to expect – the reality is, there is no turning back.

Better to plan ahead, do your research, make an educated decision, or a best guess on which way to go and then, trust yourself. You will never know what the other path may have led you to achieve…Or, whether either path would end up leading you to the same place eventually.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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