Whether Or Not

It all depends on whether or not the weather matters to you – will you postpone events and items to do on your list based on the weather?

We used to track the holidays and the weather in our point of sale to see if it mattered. For the most part, it did and it still does. If it was rainy or snowy, our sales were lower, our expenses were higher and our ability to deliver as promised was affected.

We skipped an annual event yesterday due to the rain and the chill and it was a good idea. The right idea. However, our support for the organization will be missed. How does one (organization, company, retailer, bakery, cheese shop or restaurant) make up for even one day lost during a hopefully busy holiday season? They may not.

Think about it. Do you still need that much bread if you are just feeding your own family instead of the party of 30? Nope. (Cookies maybe, but not 5 loaves of bread – nor 3 pounds of cheese.)

With limited resources, only a few weekends left – let’s hope and wish for better pre-winter weather this holiday. But if that wish doesn’t come true – then please, put on the hat, rain boots, gloves and extra layers to go out and weather the rain, snow, sleet and chill – or better yet, move the activities to another time and enjoy an even better event than the original plan.

Keep the weather in mind (track it with notes in your POS or accounting software or your journal) when planning next year and have a back up plan to make it, whether it rains, or not.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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