Where Are You Going?

It’s Friday. There’s a ton of traffic. You get detoured. Where are you going? Do you actually know the way – even better, an alternate way? Or, do you have GPS? Perfect, right? Except it keeps telling you to turn around and go back… But, you can’t.

That won’t help you today. That road is closed… Just like yesterday; you can’t ever go back and do yesterday over. You just have to keep going and moving forward.

I am not a big fan of GPS in most cases, because I am a whiz at reading maps and thus, I’d rather just plan ahead, see my route and KNOW where it is that I will have to turn in order to get to my destination. While I don’t trust the GPS, I trust myself and I trust others who have gone there before me.

If you know the answer to “where are you going?” but don’t know how to get there, then ask for help. Find a trusted, experienced source to help you get there as efficiently and as quickly as you can. Then, you can start being great at what you want to do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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