What You Don’t Know

Depending on the circumstances, what you don’t know can save you…or not.

Following the media and political rants can really cause stress, anxiety and fear. While you are “informed” you are completely at their whim. They say what they want to say; what they want to share…not always the entire story.

What it becomes: All-consuming. A never ending game if played the right way. A Stale-mate. No one wins, but everyone loses.

What it is not: The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

They share just what they want you to know. They direct you to assume something. An expert at the game of chess, or a magician with sleight of hand. You are a pawn or an observer.

We cannot assume what they say is true – and – you know what happens when you assume.

Not being informed means that you may choose poorly, or – and probably worse – you may not go to the polls and vote. We are coming into the election cycle and the news will be consumed with this topic or that and you must choose to be engaged…and learn the actual truth. The hard part is to cut through the rhetoric to find the honesty

What you don’t know matters, of course it does. But, be ready to see through the BS and to the actual reality.  Keep in mind, even every day people, non-politicians, may not share all of their own personal, private details. Why not? Because it is personal and private. It isn’t necessary to the dialogue. That does not mean of course, that it doesn’t matter.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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