What Women Don’t Want

There is a lot of personal opinion in this post, so I’ll keep this to a short list of what women don’t want.

They don’t want…

To be thought of as secondary.
To be too pretty to be loved for who they are inside.
To need a man.
To be hated by their children for taking time and doing things for themselves.
To be the only one who matters in a relationship.
To be a duo when it comes to a visit to the ladies room (women CAN go to the ladies’ on their own.)
To have to cook dinner every night.
To be the only one to dust, vacuum or straighten up the house.
To be a workaholic.
To be insensitive.
To be the one who makes a mistake and has to say they’re sorry (even though they will say it when they are wrong…)
To be too demanding.
To be given expensive gifts in lieu of personal time and love.
To have to choose between family and a fulfilling career.
To be the “token” woman in the room.
To be given a job because they are a woman, to meet a quota.
To be weak.
To cry.
To not be able to find the laughter and the fun in their daily lives.

All of these and more are on the list of what women don’t want.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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