Like a Girl

Whether it’s a pitch, or a fight, or wearing a mini skirt…like a girl – who can blame you? You ARE a girl. Just, please, oh please, use your girl power for good…

It doesn’t mean…

That your pitch is wrong. Especially when it is getting over the plate, in the strike zone and makes the batter swing. All that means is you’re right on target and pitching it like you should.

It may mean…

Fighting, with words – which is often more MEANingful than a punch – girls have that down…when it is defending a friend, then it’s good, but when it’s spiteful just watch out. Hopefully you learn to pull back a little so they don’t hurt quite as much.

That short skirt may mean something…

Like you’re rocking losing those 5 pounds, or happy that it’s Friday or just because you are enjoying spring. It doesn’t mean that you’re asking for a cat call – ever. It is just that you’ve got long legs and they’re a great feature. We girls have to accentuate what we think best represents us. It doesn’t have to be a mini skirt, but it doesn’t mean that it CAN’T be a mini skirt.

Being a girl, probably (hopefully) means that you like a girl...and that should be You. Like yourself first, the rest will follow and that is your power as a girl.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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