What Are We Really Doing?

As we sit, longer at home, I can’t but to think: what are we really doing?

  • Are we living the life we want to live?
  • Are we doing our best?
  • Are we leaving things undone?
  • Are we just pushing things that we don’t want to see or do to the bottom of the pile even though they are so very important?

At the moment, I am not trying to make you rethink your life decisions and make you feel bad about what you have done or are doing now. You cannot change history.

Plus, we are all still on lock down, or, actually worse – dealing with pressures to work as an essential employee. Now is not an easy time to think about this.


We have this really unusual circumstance (hopefully) and maybe we should start to take advantage of this time. Making an effort to be more forward thinking. Especially this year. (We all joked that it was finally 2020 and now, it isn’t at all funny, because no one saw this coming…or, the people who did weren’t loud enough and/or we didn’t believe them. Who would have?)

So, let’s start, even in a small way, to think about … what are we really doing that we want to still be doing in the future: three months from now, a year from now or at the end of 2021? I can’t promise you that it will be helpful, but I certainly don’t think that it will hurt.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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