All In Stride

We have to take these state updates all in stride. Today, I know that a lot of people are sad to hear more time in lock down. As if a month (plus) at home wasn’t already too long.

The problem is that no one really knows how long is long enough.

Let’s all take another deep breath (it’s good to keep your lungs at full capacity anyway) and sigh it away.

Time will tell us when it is ready.

  • Keep doing as much as we can to keep up with the daily necessities.
  • Read some more uplifting stuff.
  • Chat with our friends and family.
  • Take some funny pictures (they can’t be as bad as childhood hair dos from the 1970s.)
  • Make some masks.
  • Sort back through your supplies and see what crazy thing you can make from 5 items in the pantry (stole that from a friend on FB) and see if the family will actually enjoy it.
  • Hide the best Easter candy to save for a week or two from now.
  • Dust off the desk (mine at least needs it even though the windows are closed to keep the chill out again.)
  • Fill the staplers with staples (you always run out when you are in a hurry for some reason.)
  • Throw away those old and empty pens. (Really think about that for a second, why we are we keeping the free ones if they’re empty?)
  • Sort your shoes and donate or toss the ones that you won’t ever wear again after going barefoot for weeks.
  • Try to find rhyme or reason to when to order online groceries…I am still trying to get that right.
  • Do whatever you want to for just one day.

We are all in stride, and inside, together waiting.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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