Wasted The Day

It’s a shame when you’ve wasted the day and not gotten anything productive done.

Ironic that we think that, huh?

What does productive really mean anyway. Certainly not…

Frittering around, reading, opening a week’s worth of mail, paying some bills, doing laundry, cleaning the dusty steps, unpacking a bag, doing more laundry, home work help, cleaning the coffee pot, finding more stored coffee in the basement and filling up the coffee canister, topping off the sugar caddy, emptying and then refilling the dishwasher, cooking not one but two meals and then giving in, feeling lazier than normal, ordering out for dinner…because all you wanted to do was to relax and get warm (refusing to turn on the heat even though it’s in the low fifties after being humid and hot earlier in the week – literally needing the A/C to breathe,)  lamenting the uncontrollable curly, crazy hair you have, catching up with not one but two siblings, getting an update or two from mom and dad who are safely traveling, sharing thoughts of hope and well wishes for those in harm’s way, thinking of ways to help and feeling helpless – just waiting it out. 

Trying to keep busy and your mind occupied.

Yea. I pretty much wasted the day today and now, I have to fit everything I need to do into one remaining weekend day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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