Holiday Pre-Sale

Today, I experienced the bizarre, fairly recent occurrence, of the holiday pre-sale (rather than the post-holiday) close out sale.

It’s 7+ weeks from Halloween and yet, the decor shops, the craft stores and mass retailers, have Halloween stuff on sale 40-50% off.


I guess, as my sister pointed out, it’s true that they have to have all stuff cleared by October 1st to make room for Christmas. 

Meanwhile, Target still has bathing suits on display…they’ve been at the front of the store, in prominent position since February or March this year.

So, the “make room for ______ (insert holiday/season)” logic fails to apply because both of these situations have happend in the same town and the same store at the same time.

I do think that holiday pre-sale of gift cards makes sense…but this, well, I think the retailer is taking money off the table that people have been used to paying and would probably still pay, if it wasn’t already on sale.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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