Use Your Gadgets

If you have products you sell, or products that you make by hand, you might want to show people what they look like or how they’re made. How simple this is today, much simpler than it used to be! Today’s product marketing lesson is simply to use your gadgets. Take your smartphone, tablet or digicam and shoot a few quick pictures and/or videos.

Try to get natural sunlight if you can, you don’t want too much glare from artificial light, but better to showcase the product than to wait for a professional photo shoot.

Show an average customer wearing it or holding it – they don’t have to be a model, in fact, it might be even better if they aren’t. You want your other customers to be able to think that they could wear it, too.

Then, save to Dropbox, or upload right to your website, share on social media and voila! Tell them all about it with a picture. You know what they say about pictures… everyone likes to look at pictures. (That’s how we get kids to start reading. Pretty soon, they read for content, too. SO, if you are trying to get more readers to your blog…add a few images here and there to keep it fun.)

Even if you aren’t retailing something, share a project, a video of a job being finished or a customer happy to see the results. It’s all so fast and simple if you use the new gadgets and tools at your disposal.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Here’s me in my new hat. Made by hand by Proper Cup Designs aka, my sister, Nicole.

2015-01-17 17.31.35

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