User Error

In defense of the software developers blasted in yesterday’s post, I thought I’d share the other side of the coin…and yes, that is user error.

We can’t blame software for our lack of knowledge – especially new features that we will come to love after we learn. Suffer first. Learn and enjoy later.

The new functionality of shared iTunes accounts across tablets, computers and iPods/iPhones is indeed something to behold…once you know exactly what to do and how to set it up right. For example, the shared user account is necessary for your kids under 13 – they can’t have their own iTunes account – furthermore, nor do I want them to have it.

That new sharing functionality does come with drawbacks. Ones I didn’t even know about when we set up the iPad on Christmas Day.

When your 9 year old tells you your phone is ringing and to please make it stop (it is interrupting her Netflix viewing) you’ve just been informed you did something wrong.

Easily remedied.

But if only I’d known about it in advance, I’d have nipped that in the bud. It COULD have been a huge problem, it wasn’tbut it could have been.

So, I’ll take the hit for this one and glad it wasn’t a real problem – my little, simple, undereducated user, error.

Unless, maybe, just maybe… it could have been avoided if the set up tutorial said something like this… “Are you sure you want to accept phone calls from your iPhone on this iPad?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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