Unexpectedly Free

I know the last few months have gradually led us to believe that we are (still) not going where, somehow, I definitely feel unexpectedly free and light.

  • Free to do what I want.
  • Free to sleep in.
  • Free to watch movies.
  • Free to read a book.
  • Free to not work.
  • Free to celebrate the way I choose.

Somehow, while still in “lock down” it feels calm and I am at peace.

  • Even if I can’t fly or sail away in a moment’s notice.
  • Even if I can’t have all of my closest friends and family nearby.
  • Even if I can’t go where I want for dinner.
  • Even if I can’t get my hair and nails done.
  • Even if I can’t have a 2-hour long, soul and body relaxing massage.

When the weekend is not booked for work, like it has been for the last several years – and it is your birthday weekend – you feel unexpectedly free, and happy to just be you (me).

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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