Typing vs. Writing

The more I do it, I might have to say I prefer typing vs. writing…even though that seems weird to me.

The thing that used to be so much easier is becoming less of a focus, it is slower to do, better for jotting a quick note, but maybe not even for writing a long letter.

Nice to have, of course, is the auto correcting features of typing, and seeing instantly that you have misspelled something, gives you the ability to fix your mistakes. Fixing them before anyone else sees them.


It doesn’t mean that we don’t miss something, the eyes see, but the mind reads what the brain wants it to actually say.

Beg forgiveness, or just go with it. You are not alone.

How did one become more routine than than other – let’s see, who can we thank/blame – Intel, Dell, Gateway, Apple, the IBM Selectric?

The change includes a seriously difference in the tactile aspect. The touch, the response, the difference between the dexterity of pressing and moving back and forth, forward and backward is so very different than holding a pen or a felt tip marker, smoothly moving along the page or the classic pencil, scratching and etching the paper, even.

Ahhhh. It is a choice, but not really.

Maybe, it is that I am sad that typing vs. writing has become the norm. Not just mine, but the go to solution over the traditional writing skills that people used to have. Though I was quite practiced and dare I say, better than average at taking pen or pencil to paper or vellum, that is no longer the case. Of course, typing gives me a medium to get in front of many more people and sharing ideas, thoughts, ruminations, observations and yes, opinions. Make yours known, too no matter how it happens.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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