Places to See

On a roll here, this week with topics flowing from one to another and subsequently, we (my blog groupies and I) were discussing places to see – right here in the US and abroad.

It is a highly discussed topic, with so many options.

  • Major metro cities – Honolulu, New York, LA, New Orleans, Chicago, Philly, Nashville, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix (I do like Tucson very much, too), Baltimore, Providence, Boston and DC
  • National Parks – Yosemite, Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, Williamsburg (more often than maybe we had wanted), Independence Mall (yea, it’s a thing), Gettysburg
  • Theme and Adventure Parks – Busch Gardens, Great Wolf Lodge, Walt Disney (World and Land but not Euro), Universal (Harry Potter after all) and maybe a few dozen others
  • Ball fields – Camden Yards, the one in Philly (it is called Citizen’s Park), Yankee, Wrigley, Fenway, Shea…not to forget the one from the movie Field of Dreams
  • Far off and not so distant – Machu Pichu, Dublin, Cliffs of Moher, Paris (again and again and again), London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan (dahhrling), a little town called Solopaca, Vatican City, Athens and the Acropolis, Moscow or maybe St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Montreal, British Columbia, the northern Pacific and Alaskan sights, Tokyo and Tibet

You can even just go places to see people – which is often what we do. Therefore, we don’t get everywhere we’d like to go. We see some places more often than others – and we keep adding to our list, checking them off and dreaming of tomorrow.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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