Talking vs. Listening

One-way is talking vs. listening, which is two-way.

We should all agree on the phrase that explains why nature provided us with one mouth and two ears.

Not everything we say is as important as the thing we will hear if we listen close enough.

  • Music.
  • A giggle.
  • Maybe it is a yawn.
  • Children laughing out loud, together.
  • The roar of the crowd right after the crack of the bat.
  • Birds chirping and chimes on the porch twinkling.
  • The sound of your spouse coming home.
  • The deep breath of relaxation.
  • E-mail whoosh. Done.
  • Ice cubes chinking.
  • Sigh.

All of those things, are far better. As is talking vs. listening, when the latter is the one thing you should want to be able to do best. Maybe, just maybe, what they have to say is far more important.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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