Two Out Of Three

One of my favorite, all time songs by Meatloaf and this line is so apropos… Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad. In the song, “want, need and love.” In terms of how it applied to me today, not necessarily in that order, and only about shoes.

I bought a bunch of shoes on Zulily – all on sale and some way cheaper than I would normally spend and so I believed they offered me value.

A cute pair of Merrell’s. Black sandals to replace the ones that finally broke. I wasn’t actively looking for them in June, but knew that I would NEED to buy a pair before I headed to the beach this summer. Shoes on sale through Zulily though, normally, I have to question… but I was ultimately confident. I know the brand, they all fit and feel great. Plus, like I said they were cute.

The second pair was a bit more of a risk… the style, something right in line with what I would normally wear. Heel? Perfect height. Color? Sage green… a bit off the beaten path, but not outside of my comfort zone. Strappy? Yes. They don’t leave you much more to WANT. Summer in a shoe…hey, I might even be able to wear them into fall. Casual enough for summer capris and a picnic, but dressy enough for work.

The third pair… well, here is where I was gambling with my $9.99. The color, black; can’t ever go wrong with a black pair of shoes. The heel – I admit, I consciously picked the pair with the 3″ instead of the 3.5″ heel. They are a slip on summer bootie that looked fun. I wanted to LOVE them… but I never gave it a thought that a three inch heel was so tall. I mean, really, really tall. (I must have just 2″ heels in my wardrobe. I mean, OK I don’t usually measure my heels, so I might want to do that for the future, online purchases of shoes.) But, that isn’t even the best part. Here’s the funniest thing of all…they are furry. Seriously. They have faux fur on them – like an Elvis doll or a Barbie might wear. No, I think Barbie has better fur than this on her dress up clothes.

Well, after listening to a few more of my favorite Meatloaf songs while I wrote this out; I tried to make you laugh. I hope it worked, just a little – while sharing a mid-week thought on marketing, online shopping, and close out sales. I have to say I had fun and, two out of three ain’t bad… I wanted and needed a few new pairs of shoes (at least one pair of sandals), but there is no way, ever, in my wildest dreams that I will love wearing these shoes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

bamboo black booties

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