Try, Try Again

Yes, this is from an old proverb, but it is still accurate today. If at first you do not succeed, then try, try again.

I appreciate the teachers who allow the students to correct their work and either get a small amount of credit for the corrections or to drop their lowest grade. After all, don’t we get a chance to learn and edit when we make mistakes as adults? (Not doctors of course… well, sometimes – just not always with the same patient.)

My point is, if we don’t get a second chance we can never truly learn.

Maybe we failed at our job, in our business, in our first website design, in our promotion to offer buy 1 get 5 free (a real mistake on a promotional sign by the way – meant to be buy 5 get 1 free.)

Learn, understand, edit, correct and move on to the next opportunity.

Have a great week – it’s a whole new week starting today (or was that yesterday?) 😉

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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