Bad Erasers

You know how there are some pencils out there that have really, (I mean really) bad erasers on them? They are not the Ticonderoga, classic yellow pencils, nor are they the awesome ones we used in college for drafting and engineering classes the ones made by Pentel, or Staedtler another well known brand. The ones I am talking about today are the seasonal, the festive, the happy birthday, the happy Halloween, or congratulations you are in Kindergarten ones.

No, I am not saying this because I am a pencil/pen/marker snob (because I am and I love my writing utensils so very much…) but truly because they are made in a way that will only let the pencil function as a pencil. You can write and write and write, but don’t make a mistake, because the eraser is only good for making a bigger mark on your paper in pink or grey or yellow – depending on the coordinating color for the designer pencil of course. Who needs that?

Someone out there thought they could do it better than the old stand by yellow, wooden #2 pencil and I think that they just made a mistake… maybe they can erase it and correct it before it continues for another generation of students.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I used to buy them too (better than candy treats, right?) Until we realized that they were more useful for building models of bridges. The kids – fortunately – now know to use the big white eraser whenever they pull one out of the pencil cup. They have learned…even if they still make a few mistakes that they have to correct.

2014-10-28 17.30.10

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