Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

I am not the most “girlie-girl” out there but, sometimes you get to dress up and pretend. When I look back on our little make-believe party, I am surprised at the glitter, glitter everywhere.

I can’t believe how much that one or two little swipes of glitter eyeshadow can leave a trail for you to find hours (even after washing diligently) and maybe days later.

Today is the beginning of Halloween week and I am looking forward to the dress-up, pretend, costumes and creativity. Not so much the ghouls, goblins, headless, body-less, scare fest that I know I will encounter, too.

Even glitter won’t help that look.

But, whatever you chose to be – for the day, the week, your life – enjoy it. This is the only one we have to live.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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